Our History

A Brief History of the Church at Duckpool Road

Duckpool Road originated in 1875 when a small group of Baptists called a gifted nineteen year old preacher from Raglan to minister to them. Rev. A.T. Jones, had been working in his father’s coal business but obeyed the callof God. He remained in office for a ‘mere’ 42 years to be followed by Rev.W. Rowland Jones 1916-1921; Rev. Owen M. Owen 1921-1928; Rev. Alexander Leitch

1929-1948; Rev. J. H. Jones 1951-1961; Rev. Colin G. Lewis 1962-1978; Rev. Alastair Dickson 1980-1986; Rev. Royston Evans 1989-1999; Rev. Andrew Hubbard 2000-2005; and Rev. Laurence Weaver 2005 to 2017.

God blessed the congregation with significant growth to become one of the largest and most vibrant east of Cardiff. With large, well-equipped buildings and dedicated volunteers , DRBC has remained committed to sharing the love of God to Newport and beyond.

It is has been said on many occasions that God’s church is not the building but the people in it. Whilst this is very true it would be impossible to record the history of Duckpool Road without commenting on the structure of its building and the alterations that have taken place over the years.

An upper room in a tailor shop on Chepstow Road was perfect for just twelve Christians but it soon became too small and a tent standing in Livingstone Place, hired from a retired sail maker, became its next ‘home’. Eventually three houses were converted to become the Gospel Hall, its original name, before becoming Duckpool Road Baptist Church.