The preaching was powerful, the words clear and true,

“Jesus saves sinners – and Jesus wants you!”.

Those words touched my heard when I was just ten,

“I’ll have some of that – but the question is – when?”


I’m busy right now with my schooling and things,

With all of the pressure and worry that brings.

So I’ll wait till its finished, and from stress I am free,

And then I’ll ask Jesus to take care of me.


It was several years later when I heard it again,

From someone in work who tried to explain,

How their life had been changed by their trust in His Name,

And Jesus was waiting to give me the same.


It sounded like something I wanted to do,

“One day I’ll ask Him to make me like you,

But let me get married and find a good wife,

Before I let Jesus come into my life”


Now I had children to brighten my life,

Good job, fine friends and a beautiful wife.

Each day was so busy with so much to do,

I had no time for Jesus – or anything new!


Then I heard on TV as I watched “Songs of Praise”,

About Jesus, still saving, and blessing these days.

The words made me ponder, and question again,

But I still wasn’t ready, not really, not then.


The children were gone now, to make their own life,

I was living quite happily, just with my wife,

Still no time for Jesus, with so much to do,

But I still heard those words “Jesus really loves you!”


I made up my mind that I’d ask Him one day,

To forgive all my sins, cleanse, and come in to stay.

But not at that moment – I wasn’t quite ready,

When I retired and my life was quite steady.


When at last I met Jesus, I was all on my own,

Down on my knees before His Great Throne.

There was no one to help me or stand by my side,

I no longer saw Jesus with arms open wide.


There were angels all round Him, praising His Name,

And the saved of the Earth were doing the same.

I cried to the Lord, with my soul in great pain,

“Please save me, Lord Jesus, just ask me again”.


But the Lord didn’t smile as He gazed down at me,

“I asked you so many times”, tearfully said He,

“and never, in all that long life that you had,

did you ever repent and receive me – how sad!”


“But now time has ended, the Great Plan is done,

and I’ve gathered together all those I have won.

The rich and the poor, the strong and the weak,

All those who determined, salvation to seek.


I’m afraid it’s too late now for you to receive,

You had plenty of time to repent and believe.

There’s no place in Heaven for people like you,

Who thought saving their souls was the last thing to do!”


So if you are awaiting the right time to say:

“Lord Jesus, please save me and come in to stay”,

then make sure that time doesn’t pass you right by,

And you never find Jesus before you die.


Today Jesus calls you, to let Him come in,

and cleanse your whole life from the poison of sin.

Today is the day – consider with care,

Don’t wait till tomorrow, you may not be there.