So I nailed him to the cross.

I’m not proud of it,

but I’m not hiding it either;

It was all in the day’s work you might say

and you’d have done the same in my place

because you couldn’t do any other.

You have to do your job if you’re going to live,

too many questions and you’re a liability.

Next thing you know you’re dead too.


So I nailed him to the cross.

Alright, so I did;

but what about the bloke who sold him down the river,

and the ones who fixed the evidence,

and the noble judge,

and all those loyal supporters who conveniently disappeared?


So, I nailed him to the cross.

I’d have been glad not to,

but under orders you’d have done the same.

You disobey a lawful order in a ‘national emergency’

and see where it gets you.

So don’t go putting the blame on me.

If you want to blame someone,

if you really must blame someone,

why not start with yourself?


(Adapted from ‘One day in Eternity’)